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A yoga practice is a life practice. It provides the opportunity for us to meet ourselves again and again and again – to explore all of the different pieces that make up the whole Self. Justine’s yoga classes are focused on fluid, intentional, and functional movement. Her teaching is informed by her study and understanding of the intricate nuances of anatomy, biomechanics, and alignment. Her respect for the energetic body and mind is reflected in her creative sequences. She approaches the art of facilitation as a weaver would approach a tapestry, weaving together the movement, the breath, the philosophy, layer upon layer, into the flow. 


Movement is medicine.

Public Class Schedule



Monday | Friday 2pm
Soul Revival


Thursday | 5:30pm
Hot Fixx


Saturday | 6pm
Soul Revival


class descriptions

Soul Revival

As the name implies, Soul Revival is all nourishment for the soul. Balance the intensity and rigor of your flow class with 15 minutes of Yin yoga - long, deep holds which open the body physically and energetically. More supple muscles, reduced joint pain, better sleep, and enhanced creativity are just a few of the benefits this practice. Start with sweat, end with sweet restoration. We call this… perfection.

Hot Fixx

A vigorous 45 minute flow class, the Fixx is a straight up shot of all the good stuff, set to a kick ass, carefully curated soundtrack. You will move, breathe, and sweat — community style. This mashup of asana, pranayama, and nada yoga is radically fresh vinyasa krama. You will leave sated and fully fixxated.

For The Hot Fixx we bump the heat up a notch - to a cozy 86 degrees. (Warm enough to inspire an extra satisfying schvitz, but not so hot you’ll shoot out your adrenals.)
Warning: These class are highly addictive and may result in recurrent bouts of Wanderlusting.


Movement is medicine.

Private Yoga



How me move is how we live. We can choose to move mindfully, with grace, with strength, with intention; likewise, we can also choose to live in a way that embodies these same qualities. We are complex beings living in the physical container of our bodies. How we engage with and within our physical bodies impacts us physically, but it also impacts our mind, our emotions, our spirit. In a private yoga session, we will explore the healing capacity of movement through exactly that - movement. With a blend of asana, Chinese medicine, pranayama, and yin, each session will illuminate your body's innate intelligence while gifting you with additional movement practices to facilitate wellness both on and off the mat. 

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